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Study Questions - Life Study of Revelation

  1. What are the three elements in the name of Jesus?

  2. What does it mean to be baptized into the name of Jesus?

  1. What does the name Jesus mean? How is this name related to us in our experience being equivalent to Joshua?

  2. How can we practically let Christ establish His kingdom in our being?

  1. Why did Zerubbabel return to Jerusalem in terms of the coming of Christ? How can we apply this to the second coming of Christ?

  2. What lesson can we learn from the four generations being cut off from the genealogy of Christ?

  1. What does it mean to be today’s Boaz in the church life?

  2. How can we gain God’s building seen in the experience of David begetting Solomon?

  1. What does it mean for Abraham to live by faith?

  2. What is the way of Ishmael and what is the way of Isaac?

  1. Who are the five women included in the genealogy of Christ? Who do they represent?

  2. What are the significances of Christ being the son of David and the son of Abraham?

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