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Study Questions - Life Study of Exodus

  1. What is the relationship between God, Christ, man and woman?
  2. What kind of life should we live in order to be useful to God?
  3. How can we see throughout the Bible that God's people being a female dependent on God as the real male? How can we apply this to our church life today?

  1. How can we see God using female life during critical times in Exodus 2?
  2. What is the significance of the burning bush Moses saw?
  3. How can we see Moses being rejected by the immature male life but perfected by the matured male life?

  1. What are the three aspects of the world? Which aspect of the world does Egypt typify?
  2. What is the spiritual significance of Pharaoh killing the male life but preserving the female life?
  3. How can we see God's sovereignty in preserving Israel for His purpose?

  1. In contrast to the individual experience in Genesis, how can we see corporate experience of God's people shown in Exodus?
  2. What are the spiritual significances of the signs shown to Moses when God called him?
  3. What is the central thought of Exodus?

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