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Study Questions - Life Study of Revelation

  1. How can we see the golden lampstand is a type of the Triune God in Exodus 25?

  2. How does the lampstand function for the building of the church?

  1. Why the local aspect of the church is important?

  2. What are the four conditions for us to see God’s revelation and realize God’s manifestation?

  1. What does this phrase “in Jesus” (Rev. 1:9) imply in contrast to this phrase “in Christ” ?

  2. How is being in the kingdom of God today a matter of suffering persecution?

  1. What are the two aspects of the Lord’s second coming? What should our attitude be toward His coming in terms of these two aspects?

  2. What will happen at the first aspect of His second coming?

  3. What will happen at the second aspect of His second coming?

  1. Why is the seven Spirits in Revelation 1:4 ranked second among the Divine Trinity instead of the third as in Matthew 28:19?

  2. What is the spiritual significance of the seven Spirits being the seven eyes of the Lamb?

  3. What is the distinction between the Son being the first and the last, the beginning and the end, and the Alpha and the Omega?

  1. What does the type of the lampstand reveal in terms of the function of the church?

  2. What is the spiritual significance of all the lampstand in Revelation chapter one being identical?

  3. What is the purpose the man-child being raptured to the throne?

  1. What is the spiritual significance of Christ being the Lion-Lamb?

  2. How is Christ administrating God’s eternal purpose today?

  3. How can we see Christ being the centrality and universality of the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21?

  1. What are the two main things that transpired in the book of Revelation? How can this affect our view of the saints and the enemy?

  2. In terms of God’s economy, why the book of Revelation is important by being the conclusion of the bible?

  3. Give two examples showing how Revelation is a book of conclusion.

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