Message 69: The Function Of The Law Of Life

  1. What is the shaping function of the law of life? What is its goal or result?
  2. How do the experiences of Christ portrayed by the furniture in the tabernacle lead us to the experience of the law of life?

Message 68: Living According To The Nature Of God

  1. Explain how living by God’s nature is greater than walking in God’s presence.
  2. How does the anointing cooperate with the law of life to keep us living in the divine nature?

Message 67: The Completion Of Sonship

  1. How do the law of life and the anointing in the New Testament compare to the law and the prophets in the Old Testament?
  2. Explain how the working of the law of life and the moving of the anointing will complete the sonship in us?

Message 66: Living According To The Law Of Life And Moving According To The Anointing

  1. Explain how the life nature is the working of the law of life.
  2. Explain how the anointing is the moving of the Person of Christ and how this moving becomes Christ’s inward teaching.

Message 65: Being Conformed To The Image Of The Firstborn Son By The Working Of The Law Of Life

  1. How did Christ as the Firstborn Son become the prototype for the many sons of God?
  2. What is the way to be practically conformed to the image of the Firstborn Son of God?

Message 64: The Law Of Life Spreading In Our Inward Parts

  1. How does the basic concept of the divine revelation relate to our becoming sons of God of the same kind as the Lord Jesus?
  2. How does the spreading of Christ as the law of life into our inward parts conform us to the image of God’s Firstborn Son?

Message 63: The Law—The Testimony Of God

  1. Explain how the law, being God’s testimony, is a type of Christ.
  2. What is the significance of the law being put into the ark in the Holy of Holies? How does this relate to our experience of the law of life today?

Message 62: The Budding Rod (2)

  1. How may we have the budding rod in our experience?
  2. Explain how the two signs—the brass plates on the altar and the budding rod in the ark are related.

Message 61: The Budding Rod (1)

  1. Explain how the budding rod refers to the proper leadership among God’s people. How is this different from leadership in the world?
  2. Explain how the proper leadership issues from the judgment of the rebellious nature and the vindication of the resurrected ambition.

Message 60: Enjoying The Hidden Manna In The Presence Of God

  1. What is the relationship between the distance between us and God and eating spiritual food?
  2. What is the significance of the promise of the hidden manna in relation to the church in Pergamos?