Lessons for Sisters

Dear saints,

How we thank the Lord that He continues to intercede for and minister to the churches, particularly in these unprecedented days.  He continues to train us in advancing His eternal purpose.  We do have the sense, in these days, that the sisters in the churches are more important than ever.

“Whether or not the church goes on depends more on the sisters than on the brothers. As long as the sisters are in a healthy spiritual condition, the church will go on very well. However, if the sisters are not healthy, there will be problems in the church no matter how strong the brothers are. The sisters are a crucial factor in the church life.” (CWWL, 1975-1976, vol. 1, “The Crucial Function of the Sisters in the Church Life,” pp. 129- 130)

In this light, we would like to announce the availability of a series of messages entitled “Lessons for the Sisters”, which were delivered by brother Minoru Chen to different audiences of sisters in North America.  These lessons are composed of 6 parts in 24 modules of 2 lessons each.  The titles of the 6 parts are:

  1. The Importance and Position of the Sisters
  2. The Person and Virtues of the Sisters
  3. The Living of the Sisters
  4. The Function and Service of the Sisters
  5. Patterns and Examples for the Sisters
  6. The Goal – A Corporate Woman Fulfilling God’s Economy

At present, there are 18 messages available, some with language translation in addition to outlines and excerpts.  We felt that these messages will be a positive factor for all the churches and would like to make you aware of their availability.  We do not anticipate going through all 48 lessons.  We do suggest individual viewing with prayerful digestion, and corporate fellowship in virtual small groups of sisters in a time frame customizable for every small group.

Please contact sisters Belen Cox or Sarah Ng if you are interested in participating.

Our love in Christ Jesus be with you all