Message 67: Conclusion

  1. How can we be kept in a situation of peace?
  2. How can we see Paul’s concern for the Ephesians being one of continuation and fellowship?

Message 66: The Application by Prayer

  1. Why is prayer crucial and vital in the application of the armor of God?
  2. Why is it necessary to watch unto our prayer life and how is this related to our will?

Message 65: The Whole Armor of God (2)

  1. How do we spontaneously take up the shield of faith? What are the 7 items we need to have faith in?
  2. Explain how the sword, the Spirit, and the word are one. In spiritual warfare, why is it necessary that the logos become the rhema?

Message 64: The Whole Armor of God (1)

  1. How is being girded with the truth related to our daily living? How does the breastplate of righteousness cover us from the accuser, Satan?
  2. In Eph. 6:15, what is the significance of “the firm foundation” versus “readiness” or “preparation”?

Message 63: Warfare to Deal with the Spiritual Enemy

  1. What are the twelve aspects of the church covered in Ephesians?
  2. Explain how being empowered is related to the will. What is spiritual warfare as seen in Eph. 6:10-13?

Message 62: The Believers’ Living in the Relationship Between Children and Fathers and Between Slaves and Masters

  1. Why is it necessary for us to have a proper human living in the present age?
  2. What is the proper relationship between 1) children and fathers, and 2) slaves and masters?

Message 61: A Summary of the Exhortation in Chapter Five

  1. What are the basic elements and basic factors of each chapter of Ephesians?
  2. What is the distinction between light and truth?

Message 60: Experiencing Christ in God’s Economy

  1. How can we be saturated with Christ?
  2. What is God’s concern in His economy?

Message 59: God’s Desire for a Glorious Church

  1. What is God’s desire and goal?
  2. How can we experience the light of God’s glory?

Message 58: Sanctifying, Cleansing, Nourishing, and Cherishing (2)

  1. What is the significance of sanctification and cleansing?
  2. What is the significance of nourishing and cherishing?