Message 97: The Church as God’s Warrior

  1. Explain how spiritual warfare is a matter of the Body.
  2. What is a practical way to kill the adversary within us? Why is this way effective?

Message 96: Head Over All to the Church

  1. How does God acquire His inheritance and His possession?
  2. Connecting Ephesians 1 with Ephesians 3, how does God head up all things in Christ?

Message 95: The Beauty of the Bride

  1. What is God’s way of removing spots and wrinkles?
  2. Explain the connection bewteen Ephesians 5 and Revelation 19. How does Christ prepare His Bride?

Message 94: The Spirit and the Church

  1. What is the key to the church life?
  2. What is the result of having a daily living that is by the spirit?

Message 93: The Corporate Life of the New Man

  1. From the perspective of the church, how is putting on the new man a corporate matter?
  2. What does Paul mean by “as the truth is in Jesus”? How does this relate to the living of the new man today?

Message 92: The Perfecting of the New Man

  1. What is the growth of the Body? How does the Body cause the growth of itself?
  2. How did Christ give gifts to His Body? How does He constitute the members into gifts?

Message 91: Faith but Not Doctrine

  1. Why does the New Testament charge us to contend for the faith yet not to fight for doctrine?
  2. What is God’s intention? How is the Lord’s recovery related to the Lord’s coming back?

Message 90: Dropping Doctrines by the Growth of Life

  1. What is the distinction between the faith in Eph. 4:14 and doctrine?
  2. What is the way to drop our doctrines?

Message 89: Growth by Feeding for the Building

  1. What is the cause of division? How does the Lord recover His church out of division?
  2. Explain how the growth of the building is related to feeding and not doctrine.

Message 88: Universal Building and Local Building

  1. Why is it necessary for us to forsake all ordinances in order to be built up both locally and universally?
  2. How is the universal building accomplished?