2020 Video Training Registrant List

Richard B.
Joyce B.
Wayne B.
Mark B.
May C.
Patrick C.
Aiqin C.
Tiffany C.
Connie C.
Devon C.
Mary Ann D.
Phyllis H.
Juri K.
Victor L.
Ken L.
Caleb L.
Earnest L.
David L.
Paul L.
Ruiying L.
Amy L.
Luz M.
Matthew M.
Melissa M.
Jane N.
Rudolph P.
Janette Q.
Judith S.
Phoebe S.
David S.
Sarah S.
Aaron W.
Joseph W.
Keith W.
Margaret W.
Harvest X.

Recent Announcements

July 25, 2021

‏Morning Revival (July 26-31):
Knowing the Truth, Being Absolute for the Truth, and Proclaiming the Truth in the Present Evil Age
Week 2

2021 North America Chinese-speaking Saints Perfecting Training

There will be an open meeting of the Chinese-speaking perfecting training this Lord’s day (July 25th) from 1:30pm-3pm EDT. The message will be spoken in Chinese and translations will be provided in English, Korean and Spanish.

Here is the YouTube link to watch this message: 

More info can be found here: https://na-csw.org/trainings/2021-open-session/

Summer School of Truth

Truth Pursuit:
Life-Study of Ephesians Message 96-97

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