2020 Video Training Registrant List

Richard B.
Joyce B.
Wayne B.
Mark B.
May C.
Patrick C.
Aiqin C.
Tiffany C.
Connie C.
Devon C.
Mary Ann D.
Phyllis H.
Juri K.
Victor L.
Ken L.
Caleb L.
Earnest L.
David L.
Paul L.
Ruiying L.
Amy L.
Luz M.
Matthew M.
Melissa M.
Jane N.
Rudolph P.
Janette Q.
Judith S.
Phoebe S.
David S.
Sarah S.
Aaron W.
Joseph W.
Keith W.
Margaret W.
Harvest X.

Recent Announcements

May 22, 2022

‏Morning Revival (May 23 – 28):
The Grace of God in the Economy of God, Week 1

Truth Pursuit:
Life-Study of Genesis Message 85-86

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PA Blending Conference (June 17-19, 2022)

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